LGBT Rights

In Uganda as much as all over the world, people are still stigmatised and discriminated because of their actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.

LGBTIQ people (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer) disproportionately run the risk of becoming victims of violence, whether by state agents or their fellow citizens. Too often they do not receive the protection they are entitled to and are deprived of equal living opportunities.

Human rights are universal and indivisible. They cannot be reduced and apply to every human being irrespective of who they are and how they live their lives. The rights of LGBTIQ people are human rights.



Data Awarenss and Digitalization

This project is led by IceBreakers Uganda who teamed up with Pollicy to support the LGBT Community.

LGBT Rights community

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IceBreakers Uganda

Icebreakers Uganda is a LGBTI and MSM support Community based organisation in Uganda working to provide comprehensive healt…