To offer an improved access to justice in Uganda, the use of ICT has been adopted by the government. At the same time, the civil society innovated various tools such as websites and web-based applications that aimed at enhancing justice.

Those can be human rights trackers offering proof for committed HR crimes. At the same time, the use of video footage and other data used to sue and sentence perpetrators carries new opportunities for criminals. Deep fakes and false documents are on the rise. Hence, data verification is a crucial part of the work of this Community of Practice (CoP).

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Safeguarding Human Rights Defenders during COVID-19 through Tracking and Documenting Human Rights Violations Project

Strategic Response International (SRI) is developing a tool for tracking and monitoring violations to provide a detailed, accurate, and verifiable info-pact in respect of incidents of COVID-19 linked human rights violations in Uganda to be projected on a live interactive tracker map. humanrightsviolations.app