Children's Safety Online

Encrypt Uganda implements the Children’s Online Safety Project aimed at improving on the safety and security of children online in Uganda.

Main Goal

The Project seeks to improve the safety and security of children while using the internet. Also, parents and guardians will be provided with the tips needed to ensure their child is safe online. Encrypt Uganda will additionally raise awareness on the threats and challenges that children are at-risk of facing online unless necessary measures are put in place by parents and guardians to protect them.

Project Design

Activities like Regional School visits and dialogues with the school management, as well as engagement workshops with policy makers on children's safety online and capacity building for IT teachers are on the agenda of this project. They will be supported by a research on children's safety online to assess the needs of the various target groups and provide tailored solutions to regional challenges.

The project will run for seven months starting from February up to September, 2021.


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