Innovations for Rural Development

Socio-economic factors play an important role in the uneven distribution of ICT facilitating human rights violations. Hence, supporting Human Rights Defenders is on our agenda.

Speaking of the uneven distribution of ICT, not only demographic and economic factors play a role but also geographical. Living in rural areas can come with a lower access to technology and innovations, leading to a digital divide. Human rights violations in the periphery are therefore less likely to be reported and difficulties of vulnerable groups may remain unheard. Hence, tackling these challenges with supporting Human Rights Defenders by addressing social injustices and raising awareness outside urban areas is on our agenda.



Promoting Human Rights and Innovations in the Digital Space Project

This Project is led by U-TOUCH Uganda, who partnered up with Forum for Rights Awareness and Monitoring (FORAMO) Uganda and The Double Women’s Club (DWC) Uganda.

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U-TOUCH is a Non-Governmental, not-for-profit organization that was founded in 2009.