Promoting Digital Human Rights Innovations

This Project is led by U-TOUCH Uganda, who partnered up with Forum for Rights Awareness and Monitoring (FORAMO) Uganda and The Double Women’s Club (DWC) Uganda.

Main Goal of the Project

The project seeks to strengthen civic knowledge of women and youth on their rights. This is amplified through awareness creation and information dissemination in the community.

Project Design

U-TOUCH Uganda and partners will strengthen capacities of communities and institutions to promote human rights through the use of digital technology. Those communities consist of HRDs, journalists and local media practitioners. Different digital components are utilised to achieve this goal - among them the use of SMS, radio-based platform and social media to increase access to information and community awareness on women’s rights.

We conduct stakeholder and beneficiary learning events to share best practices which can be replicated and scaled in other locations. This will be achieved through bi-annual round-table sessions where all partners in the Community of Practice (CoP) including HRDs, media practitioners, women and youth come together to share milestones achieved, challenges faced and opportunities for improvement of the partnership.

The 1-year project will be implemented from August 1st, 2020 to August 31st 2021.


Promoting Digital Human Rights Innovations community

Lead community member

U-TOUCH is a Non-Governmental, not-for-profit organization that was founded in 2009.

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