Strategy Emergency Response Fund

Defenders Protection Initiative (DPI) initiated the Strategy Emergency Response Fund (SERF) to safeguard human rights violations happening during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic

Main Goal of the Project

The goal of the SERF project is to establish and coordinate a joint initiative under DPI leadership, that offers effective emergence response solutions, to dynamic and complex HRDs security needs that are associated with their working environment during this COVID-19 Pandemic. This initiative shall promote joint use of a few resources sustainably and shield the protection service providers to achieve higher quality impact in responding to strategic security needs of HRDs during the anticipated period.

Output is this Human Rights Violations Tracker:

Project Design

Next to the assessment of the security context in the project period and beyond, security agencies on duty can be held accountable for their actions with the help of the Human Rights Violations (HRV) tracker. It will help establish mitigation strategies for HRVs, support security centered engagements with relevant stakeholders to improve the security and safety of HRDs during the pandemic and establish/maintain an online platform for reporting, alerting, triggering response and achieving security incidents during this period.


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