The Digital Human Rights Lab

is a space, both virtual and physical, in which human rights defenders come together to support each other's initiatives in strengthening and promoting Human Rights in a digitalised world.

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Digital Inclusion

ICT offers many opportunities. But access remains unequally distributed. Thus, we are aiming to include every person whilst demanding for digital human rights.

Digital Security

Human rights defenders, journalists and people in positions of marginalisation or vulnerability are exposed to many threats and risks like state and non-state surveillance, repressive censorship, phishing, hacking, data loss.

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Cyber Laws and Regulations

Surfing in the internet comes with many threats. Serious crimes like Phishing and the collection of user data, as well as the use of spyware are on the rise. Cyber Laws and Regulations, one of the newest areas of the legal system, create the offenses and penalties for those crimes. At the same time regulations help users to surf safely and keep their data protected.


To offer an improved access to justice in Uganda, the use of ICT has been adopted by the government. At the same time, the civil society innovated various tools such as websites and web-based applications that aimed at enhancing justice.

Innovations for Rural Development

Socio-economic factors play an important role in the uneven distribution of ICT facilitating human rights violations. Hence, supporting Human Rights Defenders is on our agenda.


Especially in times of global crisis it is our task to beware of and address various human rights violations linked to the current Covid-19 pandemic.

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